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The Lucky Item Festival
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[ This event is open, but the prizes have expired. You will not be able to earn any treasures from this event until further notice. ] Explore this virtual world to find special spring themed items and other goods that are raining out of the sky. Solve puzzles. Collect raining objects. Avoid explosions. Compete for rare items.
2020 Eggstravaganza [ Ended ]
Visited 146 times (3 last week)
This Egg Hunt is now over, but we've kept the level open for everyone to explore to their liking. This means that the prizes have expired. You will not be able to earn any treasures from this event. View more information in the Blog. There are 14 eggs to find during this event.
Mimi's Spring Block Parade
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Join us on 6/3/2020 at 12pm to celebrate the unofficial end of Spring! We've got dancing tools, awesome props created by users like you, and a wide open space to socially interact with one another. This ends at 6/4/2020 at 11:59pm PST.
Ultra Desert Paintball
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Ultra Desert Paintball: This is a Capture the Flag game where teams avoid being bloxxed by their opponents as they race for the flag to bring it back to their base. Along the way, you might find special items to help you out, such as a medical kit. Good luck!
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