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It's a me, Fleskhjerta! I am a boy at 27 years age. I am quiet popular in Youtube also, here's my channel link : Sometimes when i'm Online, do i record for some more Bloopers. I Accept any Friend Request =) Also, if you mean someone named mudgolem, he is my best classmate :) Also, if you meet a Fleskfot, He's my secondery character =3 NintendoRules is my other Secondery character =3 Also, Sometimes i don't read the Messages cause I have more important things to do and i don't get a change to Read the Mails so i may not answer but is it important, Then i will read it! By The way, I got tired of Peoples that Keep changing Team to My Team cause they wanna be with Me, It's Annoy Me so QUIT IT!


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