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Hi, I'm Mehrio. I like Cave Story a lot. Currently level 26 according to Clockwork's level calculator. I was the first person to get the Bloxxer badge on 2/16/20. I was also the first to obtain Mysterious Object III, otherwise known as The Void Star Gift Box.


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Bomb shelter
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Use explosives & melee weapons to reach the end of the shelter. Once there, take the gravity coil you can find in the building, then take it back to the start and jump on the grey pillar. By glitch19.
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You game and get tickets for prizes.
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Works for the most part. Broken Things: - Slopes/Wedges - Acid/Lava - Text Blocks(?) - Teleporters(?) - Loading between sessions Made by REDALERT2 on ROBLOX.
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Planning on making a game with Cave Story weapons.
Toast Factory
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A dumb idea I had. I might turn this into a tycoon-like game, so if anyone could help me with writing the required scripts, it'd be greatly appreciated.


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