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The Super Mega Fun Obby Course
Visited 422 times (16 last week)
I have used no free models atall in this game so if some givers dont work plz pm me and ill fix them right away. Mega new updates i have added loads of new stuff. Vip will be back soon just fixing the door right now so stop pm me the vip doors are really messed up so plz wait. By SinisterAlex
Scary Obby - Rewrite Incoming
Visited 49 times (0 last week)
On a previous account, I had made this horror-themed obstacle course that (sort of) took off. Shedletsky and Simoon68 visited this level, too. It's now on GoodBlox!
Sound Glitching With Seats!
Visited 112 times (0 last week)
ok so u hav 2 grab seat...sit down put seat on legs then jump...u should go flying then reset to get high/low pitch OOF sound. u can also do this with paths but move your mouse crazy to get stuck =-p
Super Minigames **NEW UPDATES!**
Visited 453 times (4 last week)
Welcome to Super Minigames, originally by ICE128, fixed by Jiquor! Chat 'reset minigames' to vote a reset if it breaks. Select the spectate tool to stop playing while you're in the lobby.
Maze of Four Corners
Visited 24 times (0 last week)
Find four keys at the corner towers and use them to reach the finish. Made by me ten years ago.
Visited 122 times (0 last week)
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